Championship / Relegation

With some rather interesting results in the last couple of weeks there are now just three matches left in Div One and still both the Championship and the final relegation spots are undecided. Here are the possible combinations!

Relegation fight:

Bushbury: Safe and cannot be relegated (provided they avoid penalty points in their final match at Walsall)
West Bromwich: Have to beat St George’s on 18th to avoid relegation
Stafford: Have completed all matches but will be relegated if West Bromwich beat St George’s

Championship fight:

Although there are just three matches left there are many possible combinations. Still in there are St George’s (currently 6th!), Stourbridge, Lichfield and Walsall. If St Georges beat West Bromwich and draw to Stourbridge and Walsall draw to Bushbury then there will be a four-way tie!

Let’s see!