WDCL Statement on Covid-19
WDCL are going to follow the latest Government advice, PM’s briefing March 12th.
The government do not believe we need to close down public events currently.
They are predicting that the virus will peak in 12-14 weeks time.
If we postpone chess matches now it is more likely rearranged dates will coincide with the peak of the virus.
Our season finishes at the end of April, which is before the predicted peak of the virus.
Our plan is to continue with the chess season.
All players should follow all the guidelines issued re hygiene.
If players feel they are especially vulnerable and need to self isolate that is perfectly understandable.
We hope clubs will continue to field teams with willing players, and avoid defaults as far as is possible, but if defaults are unavoidable there will be no penalty points applied. The situation is moving very quickly and we will review it again at our committee meeting on March 24th, when we will be prepared to consider dispensations if the situation demands it.