Jim Friar

Dear colleagues,

It is with sadness I write to let you know that Jim died at home last night.

Until very recently, like I suspect other chess players, I was completely unaware that anything was amiss. Indeed as recently as late March Jim – cheerful and optimistic as usual – ferried his younger son Joseph to Worcester for a Bennett Cup game. The first sign to me that Jim was ill was when he asked me to substitute for him at the junior club at The King’s School Worcester during the summer term. I last saw Jim at home in Bewdley awaiting more hospital tests early in May when it was clear that he was seriously ill.

Jim’s passing leaves a big void in the local chess scene. He is survived by wife Teresa and sons James and Joseph.

Funeral arrangements are yet to be announced and I hope to be able to keep you informed.

Posted on behalf of Ray Collett, Hon Secretary Worcestershire Chess Association