Phil Porter

We are saddened to hear of the death of Phil Porter.
Frank Wood has written the following tribute to Phil.

I’m writing to  inform you of the death last week of Phil Porter aged 74 who had played in the local chess leagues especially WDCL and BDCL for close on 40 years and will no doubt be remembered by many players in the area. He will be sadly missed by many.
Phil joined Wolverhampton Chess Club in the late Sixties or early Seventies though after a few years left and joined the Wolverhampton Kipping club sadly now defunct. He rejoined Wolverhampton Chess club in the 1983/84 season along with two other well remembered players, Mike Townsend and Robert Marshall. Phil had an aggressive style of play and chalked up a few notable wins against stronger players. Phil had not played in league matches for about a year due to failing eyesight though he was hoping to resume play after an operation which he was on a waiting list for.
His other main interests were cricket – he was a qualified umpire In local leagues- and real ale which he espoused and consumed with equal gusto!
Phil’s niece has told me that it is likely that some sort of celebration of Phil’s life will be arranged at some time in the future and that she would let me have details. I will pass any such details on to yourselves in case there are others outside our club who might wish to be involved.