Rock / Bidgood Cup 2017/18

The new chess season is almost upon us and I’m writing to canvass entries for the Wolverhampton League individual competitions, the Rock Cup and the Bidgood trophy.
The Rock Cup is a knock-out tournament for the individual championship, open to all registered members of clubs playing in the WDCL . Everyone, with the exceptions listed below, plays at least two games, as Round 1 of the Rock Cup will be seeded, and first round losers are automatically entered for the Bidgood Cup. Winners will hold the Cups for one year and both winners and runners-up will receive trophies to keep. The only players who are ineligible to compete for the Bidgood Cup are a) any player who, during the previous season played on one of the top ten boards in a county match (1st team) and b) any player defaulting in the first round of the Rock Cup. The rules are set out on page 13 of the League’s handbook and may also be found on our website here.
There is a block entry form here and would be grateful if you could canvass entries from your club and then complete the form and send it to me either by email here or through the post to Derek Perks, WDCL Tournament Secretary, 21 Horton Close, Sedgley, Dudley DY3 3TL. (If you use email you will still need to get the entry fee to me of course). The entry fee is £3 per player and cheques should be made payable to the Wolverhampton & District Chess League. Closing date for entries is 30th September. Results will be published on the League’s website here.
If anyone has any difficulty downloading the Block entry form I will accept entries in any format as long as I have the following details for the players: full name, postal address inc. postcode, email address (if any), phone numbers, and current grade.
The important thing is to remind your members of the tournament of course. To that end I would be grateful if you could print off these details and place them on your club notice board. If you could also simply forward this email to your members with an email address that would help enormously to get the word round.
The Block Entry form is designed to make it easier for players from one club to join the tournament but anyone wishing to enter directly can do so – there is an individual entry form on the League’s website here.

Best wishes for the coming season.

Posted on behalf of Derek Perks
WDCL Tournament Secretary

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