Rock & Bidgood Cup draw

The Round 1 games have all been completed with the exception of the Stuart Deeley v Peter Banks match where a replay is to take place tonight following a first game draw; fortunately they are not affected by the round 2 draw just made . The Round 2 draw only involves sufficient players to reduce the remaining number to eight for the quarter-finals in both the Rock and the Bidgood competitions. All other players have a bye.

The second round draw is:-

Rock Cup –  Michael Hoare (LIC) v Andrew Leadbetter (STA)

Jonathan Pincher (WB) v Derek Perks (MER)

Dave Hodkinson (MER) v Richard Wiltshir (RUS)

Bidgood Trophy – Peter Nixon (WK) v Victor J Brown (WK)

John Southcote  (HAL) v Tony Meakin (RUG)

*Chris Cox (STO) v Jonathan Pincher (WB)  – this game is only required if Jonathan loses his Rock Cup game v Derek Perks. (Jonathan had a bye in round 1 but, like all other entrants, is guaranteed at least two games)

As before the first named player has white. The second named player has Black but is at home and is responsible for contacting his/her opponent within a week with an offer of three dates. It would be wise to agree two dates with the later date reserved for a replay in the event of a draw. With many clubs experiencing fixture congestion, “home” players may find it difficult to identify convenient dates to play at their club. Bear in mind that you can play in your own home if reasonable match playing conditions can be provided – especially no noise/distractions. Also matches can be played at other clubs who, of course, may have different club nights; the other club’s permission would be needed but I have never heard of it being refused.

Please let me know what date has been agreed so I know when to expect (or chase up!) results.

Results from both players in each pairing please to me please by December 3rd.

Results can be seen here.

Posted on behalf of Frank Wood, Tournament Secretary

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