Rock / Bidgood finals report

Last night saw the finals of the two individual trophy finals hosted by Mercia Chess Club with excellent attacking chess on display.

Robert Marshall (Wolverhampton) won the toss and had the white pieces against Andrew McCumiskey (Mercia) in the Rock Cup final. In the endgame Andrew had a Rook and four pawns – two of which were advanced united passed pawns – against Robert’s Rook, Knight and 3 pawns. In a delicate position neither side was able to make progress and, with only a few minutes remaining on the clocks a draw was agreed following a repetition of moves. The rematch will be held shortly.

In the Bidgood final Gordon Sands (Wolverhampton) played Jonathan Pincher (West Brom.) In another thrilling game Gordon Sands, with white, obtained the stronger attack and secured a win. The game can be seen here.

Winners and runners up will be presented with their trophies at the League’s AGM on Wednesday 24th May.

Best wishes.

Posted on behalf of Frank Wood, Tournament Secretary

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