Rock / Bidgood quarters

The quarter final draw for the Rock Cup is:

 Peter Banks (HAL)                 v     Robert Marshall(WOL)
Andrew Leadbetter (STA)      v     Derek Perks (MER)
Andrew McCumiskey (MER) 1-0    Geoff Rosser (WOL)
Malcolm Phipps (BSM)          v     Richard Wiltshir (RUS)

The quarter final draw for the Bidgood trophy is:

Victor Brown (WK)         0-1    Jonathan Pincher (WB)
Tony Taylor (HAL)          0-1    Gordon Sands* (WOL)
John Southcote (HAL)     v     Stuart Deeley (MER)
Kevan Ward (MER)        v     Martyn Hathaway (HAL)

In these draws the first named player in each pairing has White. The second named player has Black but is at home and is responsible for contacting his/her opponent within a week.

The detailed rules are on the League’s website here.

All results to me FROM BOTH PLAYERS please by 14th January. 

Posted on behalf of
Frank Wood, Hon Tournament Secretary