Rock Cup 1st round draw

The first round draw (seeded) is:

Gordon Sands (Wolverhampton) v Adrian Hussain (Warley Quinborne)
Peter Nixon (Walsall Kipping) v Malcolm Phipps(Boldmere St Michaels)
Geoff Rosser (Wolverhampton) v Peter Hubbard (Mercia)
Martin Hathaway (Halesowen) v Robert Marshall (Wolverhampton)
Mark Podlesak (Bushbury) v Tony Taylor (Halesowen)
Kevan Ward (Mercia) v Richard Wiltshir (Rushall)
Peter Banks (Halesowen) 1-0 Peter Evans (Mercia)
Stuart Deeley (Mercia) v John Fenby (Brewood)
Michael Hoare (Lichfield) v Phil Bull (Wolverhampton)
Dave Hodkinson (Mercia) v Tony Meakin (Rugeley)

with Simon Jones (Bushbury) having a bye this round.

In the above draw the first named player in each pairing has White. The second named player has Black but is at home and is responsible for contacting his/her opponent within a week. The detailed rules are on the League’s website here.

All results to me please by Saturday 7th November. Email will suffice though you can write to me if you prefer at 51, Sytch Lane, Wombourne, Wolverhampton, WV5 0LB. To avoid any mistakes can both players please send me the result.

Round 1 losers will automatically be entered in the Bidgood trophy competition. I hope this will be encouraging to the lower graded players. (Entrants this year cover a wide range of playing strength from grade 184 down to ungraded. Consequently some lower graded players have drawn tough opponents in this first round.)

Five of the above players who were late entrants to the competition have yet to pay their entry fees. I have made the draw now rather than delay the start of the competition but can those concerned please let me have payment in the next few days.

Good luck and best wishes.

Posted on behalf of
Frank Wood (Tournament Secretary)