Pittaway / Humphrey’s Cup draw

The semi final draw for the Pittaway Cup and Humphrey’s Trophy are as follows with the first named team in each pairing being at home:

Pittaway Cup West Bromwich v Mercia; Telford v Stafford.
Mercia receive 2.25 handicap points as a Division 2 team.

Humphrey’s Trophy – Halesowen v Walsall Kipping; Wolverhampton v Stourbridge.

Please note that in both competition:

    You toss for colour on the night.
    Home clubs need to offer their opponents at least two alternative dates for the match.
    Teams should let me know what match date has been agreed a.s.a.p.
    Ungraded players cannot play in the Humphreys Trophy competition unless prior approval has been obtained from me following submission of supporting evidence.
    The last date for submission of semi-final results to me (by both teams please!) is 17th February 2015. Please make sure to show which team had white on odd boards.

I envisage that the deadline for the final will be 30th April.

The competition rules can be found in the League’s handbook and also on the League’s website.

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