Rock / Bidgood Cup draw

The Round 1 games have been completed with the exception of Tony Meakin v Peter Banks where ill health has prevented play taking place on the originally agreed date. When that has been decided I shall have 9 players in both the Rock and Bidgood competitions which I need to reduce to 8 for the quarter finals. So just one match is required in this second round with all other players having a bye.

The second round draw (for which my wife can be thanked or otherwise!) is

Rock Cup – Geoff Rosser (Wolverhampton) v Malcolm Phipps (Boldmere St Michael)

Bidgood Trophy – Peter Nixon (Walsall Kipping) v Christopher Cox (Mercia)

See here for the results and draw.

As before the first named player in each pairing has White. The second named player has Black but is at home and is responsible for contacting his/her opponent within a week with an offer of 3 dates. Results to me please by the end of November. It would be wise to agree two dates with the later date reserved for a replay in the event of a drawn first game.

As soon as the Tony Meakin/Peter Banks match has been resolved I will arrange the quarter-final draw though obviously those drawn against the above round 2 competitors will need to wait until those matches are completed before they can play.

Good luck and best wishes.

Posted on behalf of Frank Wood, Tournament Sec

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