County U120 Staffs 6-6 Warks

The final match in the U120 section of the Midland Counties Championship took place at Newcastle Bridge Club on Saturday 7th March between Staffordshire and Warwickshire. If either side had won then they would have been section champions. The match was very tight with no side ever holding more than a 2 point lead. With two boards to finish Warwickshire led 5½-4½, but Chris Cox in his first season for the County, won on board 10 after sacrificing a bishop to achieve guaranteed promotion of his rook’s pawn. Mike Jarocki, last to finish as usual defended accurately to draw, tying the match.

The draw meant both Staffs and Warwickshire qualify for the National Stages. The board count on the match gave Staffordshire second place and Warwickshire third.

Captain Peter Evans would like to thank everyone who has played during the season, the drivers and parents of the juniors, and John Day from Newcastle Bridge club for his hospitality and excellent arrangements for the home games.

We look forward to the National Stages and we wish our Under 100 team the best of luck for next week.

Staffs vr Wards U120

Posted on behalf of Peter Evans Staffs U120 Captain

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