Rock Cup First Round Draw

Matt Carr the Tournament Secretary has completed the first round draw and I’m helping him by publishing it, please send all results and issues arising to Matt.

Here is the first round draw for the Rock Cup 2019-20
Home Away
Nick Arkell Vic Brown
Chris Cox Lee Grinsell
Matthew Carr Malcolm Phipps
Stuart Deeley Phil Maybury
David Hodkinson Tony Taylor
Martyn Hathaway Steve Heath

In the above draw the first named player in each pairing is at home and has black. He is also responsible for contacting his opponent within a week to arrange a date/venue for the game, failing which the away player can claim the game. When agreeing a date be sure to leave time for a replay in the event of a draw.
These time controls rules (below) apply this season.There are no adjournments or adjudications.
The use of clocks shall be compulsory, and the time limits in all WDCL competitions shall be one of the following options: (the default rate of play will be option (1))
(1) All moves in 80 minutes with 10 seconds per move added throughout (incremental) if sufficient digital clocks are available.

(2) All moves in 90 minutes

All games must be completed and results returned to Matt Carr by Saturday December 21st 2019.
Please let Matt know the date you agree to play the match asap.
Good luck to all