Rock Cup Round 2 / Bidgood Trophy Round 1 draw

All the games in the first round have been completed with the exception of Sands/Collier where a replay following the initial draw has been scheduled for 13th November. I shall then have 9 players in both the Rock and Bidgood competitions which I need to reduce to 8 for the quarter finals. So just one match is required in this round with all other players having a bye.

The second round draw (for which my wife can be thanked or otherwise!) is:

Rock Cup – Lewis Clarke (Jnr) (WOL) v Philip Burgess (WSK)
Bidgood Trophy – Peter Griffith (WOL) v Geoff Rosser (WOL)
(All other players have a bye this round)

As before the first named player in each pairing has White. The second named player has Black but is at home and is responsible for contacting his/her opponent within a week. Results to me please by the end of November. It would be wise to agree two dates with the later date reserved for a possible replay in the event of a draw.

As soon as I have the result from the Sands/Collier replay I will arrange the quarter-final draw though obviously those drawn against the above round 2 competitors will need to wait until those matches are completed before they can play.

Posted on behalf of the Tournament Secretary Frank Wood

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