World Championship 2013 3½-6½

The World Championship between Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand in Chennai, India is now over. Full details can be found here.  Carlsen had White in the first match of twelve always starting 09:30am (GMT). The first two games ended quickly in a draws after just 16 and 25 moves. Game three saw some advantage to Anand but it too ended in a draw. Finally in Game Four we saw Anand under pressure. Failing to deal with the Berlin Defence, he lost a pawn and had to fight to the bitter end to earn a draw. In a dramatic Game 5 Carlsen took the full point with a early swap of Queens and a delicate B and 2R’s endgame. Game 6 was another Berlin defence. Carlsen once again sneaked a pawn and persisted well into a drawn endgame. Anand missed drawing chances and Carlsen converted a second win. Games seven and eight were quick draws as Carlsen creeps towards the line. An excellent win in game nine meant just a draw was required to secure the title which he duly picked up in game ten. Magnus is World Champion aged just 22.

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