Player Card - Lynam, Brian

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Season Team Grade Pld Won Drw Lst ø Opp ø Perf Diff
1998/99St Mary's Cannock56E6114 89630  

Team matches
Ref Opponent Team Res Clr Match Brd Date
172281FWestwood, John UGRugeley BLW402301 Oct
176473BMalpass, I 101Mercia B½W409201 Nov
178157BNixon, Peter 69Walsall Kipping DLB410201 Nov
185108BFenby, John A 74Brewood BLB411201 Feb
194007HButler, Keith 123Rushall CLW416201 Feb
143259LKeates, Doug 80Bushbury CWW420201 Feb

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