Player Card - Farley, Richard

  ECF membership:   303085E   category  ME013187  Bronze  
Season Team Grade Pld Won Drw Lst ø Opp ø Perf Diff
2019/20Oscott1496042 157141-8  

Team matches
Ref Opponent Team Res Clr Match Brd Date
302579CBowcott, Dustin 160Halesowen A½W112331 Oct
108654GCollins, Peter M 144Lichfield A½B115306 Nov
261888GMcNulty, Kenneth J 141Stafford½W117213 Nov
111451HGostelow, David W 167TelfordLW129308 Jan
210232JBellin, Christopher J 181Walsall Kipping ALW142327 Feb
143792GEmery, Ian 151Warley Quinborne A½W146409 Mar

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