Player Card - Williams, Tony

  ECF membership:   320562K   category  ME021680  Bronze  
Season Team Grade Pld Won Drw Lst ø Opp ø Perf Diff
2019/20Stourbridge536204 6750-3  

Team matches
Ref Opponent Team Res Clr Match Brd Date
298499EJones, Brian 60Lichfield CLB402405 Sep
139662GEvans, Joyce H 52Halesowen CLB405419 Sep
178157BNixon, Peter 88Walsall Kipping CLW413430 Oct
166006JLloyd, Mike 89EBushbury BLB421404 Dec
298499EJones, Brian 60Lichfield CWW433419 Feb
139662GEvans, Joyce H 52Halesowen CWW439411 Mar

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