Team Info West Brom Central 'A' 1965/66

Day Date Match Home Team Result Away Team
Wed01 Sep203West Brom Central A3½ - 2½Dudley College of Ed
Wed06 Oct204Bushbury B3 - 3West Brom Central A
Wed01 Dec207West Brom Central A1½ - 4½Wolverhampton B
Wed01 Dec211Dudley C1 - 5West Brom Central A
Fri31 Dec213West Brom Central A2½ - 3½W'ton Kipping B
Wed26 Jan219Dudley College of Ed0 - 6West Brom Central A
Tue01 Feb215West Brom Central A3 - 3Bushbury B
Sun01 May220Wolverhampton B6 - ØWest Brom Central A
Sun01 May223Dudley C4 - 2West Brom Central A
Sun01 May224W'ton Kipping B4 - 2West Brom Central A

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  vs  DCE BSH 'B' WOL 'B' DUD 'C' WLK 'B' DCE BSH 'B' DUD 'C' WLK 'B' WOL 'B'   
  Match  203  204  207  211  213  219  215  223  224  220     
  Score  3½-2½ 3-3 1½-4½ 5-1 2½-3½ 6-0 3-3 2-4 2-4 Ø-6
  Venue  Home  Away  Home  Away  Home  Away  Home  Away  Away  Away     
Name Sep  01 Sep  06 Oct  01 Dec  01 Dec  31 Dec  26 Jan  01 Feb  01 May  01 May  01 May     
Lloyd, BUG  L1
Elwell, KenUG  D2L3W5
Southall, JUG  W3W2L1L4W3L2D4
Smith, PUG  W4W5W4W3W4L3L4
Southall, CUG  L5W1L2W1D2W1D1
Francis, Ken AJUG  W6L4L6W3L6W6L4W6D2
Sedgley, DUG  W5D4L1W6-1
Chatwin, C NUG  L6W6W5
Jukes, RUG  L3L2W5W3L5
Cowley, GUG  W2-1
Clarke, D WayneUG  W5W5L2
Phillips, IUG  L3
Thurberfield, IUG  D6
Default-   L6

ECF Name Sep
No ECF Forrest, D UG   
No ECF Sedgley, D UG   
No ECF Smith, P UG   
No ECF Southall, C UG   
No ECF Chatwin, C N UG   
108391A Clarke, D Wayne UG   
No ECF Cowley, G UG   
No ECF Elwell, Ken UG   
110855E Francis, Ken AJ UG   
No ECF Jukes, R UG   
No ECF Phillips, I UG   
No ECF Shrimpton, J UG   
No ECF Southall, J UG   
No ECF Thurberfield, I UG