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Dr Victor G. Jenson 1933-2001

I regret to inform you of the death on 29th March 2001 of Victor Jensen, at the age of 68. Victor held a BA (Science) and a PhD, both of which were attained at Birmingham University. Having gained these qualifications Victor remained at the university in the capacity of a lecturer.

Dr Victor Jenson

Victor had a heart condition and had received treatment for a leaking heart valve. I learnt of his death when I received a response to a letter I had sent to him with a request to undertake a game analysis for me. His sister responded, notifying me of her sad and sudden loss.

My first meeting with Victor was in 1945 at the Wolverhampton Kipping Chess Club, when he was 12 years of age. Even at that early age he was already beating many of the club members, including myself! He became a very strong player and for over 15 years was the captain of the Staffordshire County 1st team. He was also the County grader for a number of years as well as assisting the BCF with gradings.

Whilst working at Birmingham University he played for the university team in the Birmingham & District Chess League, Divisions 1 and 2. Two of his fellow members within the University team were P.C.Gibbs and B.Cafferty, who are well known in the Chess world for writing a weekly chess report in Birmingham's daily papers.

Victor played for Wolverhampton Kipping when they won the Birmingham League Division One title in the early 1970's. when his parents moved from Weymouth Victor went to live in Bromsgrove and then played for both Birmingham Chess Club and Bromsgrove CC. Victor served on the Birmingham League Rules Committee for many years. The Committee always appreciated his views and advice. On many occasions Victor assisted with adjudications, always sending an analysis of how he had arrived at his decision.

During the 1950's Victor reached the final of the Rock Cup - the Wolverhampton League Individual knockout trophy - on 3 occasions. His name appears twice as winner.

I have always looked upon Victor as a friend. For about twenty years, while we were both members of Wolverhampton Kipping CC, we went to Charfield CC on an annual visit. On one of these visits I found myself in a frightful predicament with my game but, with good fortune, saved the game and went onto win. Victor's comment to me after watching the game was:- "Well, Graham, that was one of the very few times I have seen you play chess as it should be played!" Cheeky but true!

On behalf of all league members and those who knew Victor I offer my sincerest condolences to his family.