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F. Anthony Evers 1909-1998

I regret to inform you all of the death during December 1998 of Tony Evers, aged 89 years.

Tony was the oldest player to be registered with the League, having been a member of Stourbridge Chess Club for many years. At one time he left the district and moved to Wales, but re-joined Stourbridge on his return to the area.

One of his last games was a win in Division One of the Birmingham District Chess League - no mean feat for a man of 89!

I first met Tony at the YMCA Dale End, Birmingham during the 1950's. He was in a time scramble on Board 1, playing for Worcestershire. Tony neglected to stop his clock. His opponent sat and watched Tony's flag fall, then claimed a win on the clock! All hell broke loose over this, but Ritson Morry calmly settled the matter in his usual manner. (The opponent was not from Warwickshire)

Tony was always regarded as a strong player. He will be sadly missed by all members of the League, and in particular, by the members of Stourbridge Chess Club who bestowed on him the honour of the Club Presidency.

My condolences, and those of all members of the League, are extended to Tony's relatives and to the members of Stourbridge Chess Club.