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Iain R. Wilson 2012

I very sadly have to report that Iain Wilson passed away earlier this afternoon, (10 Oct 2012) at the Severn Hospice in Telford. As you may know, he had been suffering from cancer for some time, and had been admitted to the Hospice at the weekend. He had been heavily sedated and died peacefully in the presence of his sister and one of his brothers. He was unmarried and had no children.

Iain was a member of Telford Chess Club, and then Shifnal & Telford, for close on 30 years, and played a major part in the club’s continued existence. He was captain of the Shropshire League A team and Chairman of the club for many years, and latterly also Treasurer.

Iain Wilson

He was an invaluable supporter of the Shropshire Chess Association, serving at various times and for many years as County 1st Team Captain, League Controller, General Secretary and President, usually at times when noone else would come forward to fulfil these roles. The Association owes him an enormous debt of gratitude for keeping these roles going, efficiently and without fuss, through difficult times.

He was a pretty strong player, being graded 149 in the July 2012 list, having been up to, I think, 156 a year or two back. He regularly played the English as white, and was fond of the O’Kelly variation of the Sicilian as black. I will miss his devilish chuckle when finding the winning move in friendly games.

He was a good friend to me and to most people in the Club and Association. He will be sadly missed.


R.G.Thompson of Telford Chess Club