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Leo R. Austrums 1989

In 1978 Leo who was a very active member of parish life in Brewood, decided he wished to learn how to play chess. Within two years he helped to start Brewood Chess Circle and a few months later became their secretary.

Whilst the newly formed club was struggling for recognition in the Wolverhampton Chess League. He kept the Brewood Chess Circle well advised of the correct procedures, striving to promote membership and to keep the club on the right lines.

He did this with a great degree of success. Brewood have finished top of both the winter and summer divisions over the past few years.

Leo was one of the very few club secretaries in the county who attended the Annual General Meeting. This showed that he took his job as secretary somewhat more seriously than some.

Leo is going to be missed by his fellow club members. He was known and respected. Due to his efforts and friendship to all, by many officers, captains, and players throughout the Wolverhampton Chess League. Leo organised several events at the Brewood Chess Circle, and they all went off very well, I feel sure that the fact Brewood have decided to take in junior players goes well for their future. I am sure Leo was behind it.

May I on behalf of all who knew Leo, offer condolences to his wife and family.