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[These are designed to be useful to players 'on the night', BUT they should not be quoted in disputes. In such cases the official rules must be consulted. (Mike Groombridge)]


You can't play in a lower team than registered. You may play a total of 3x in higher teams but on playing a 4th time you will be tied to that team for the rest of the season. (Rule 5f,g).


No Smoking in playing area. Mobile phones must be turned off during play:- 1st ring -player asked to switch off & warned; 2nd ring -player automatically loses (Rule 15)


Both players must score the game. (Rule 6). ‘It is forbidden to write the moves in advance, unless the player is claiming a draw to Article 9.2 or 9.3’ Unfinished games can be decided by adjournment; adjudication; or agreement by the captains. (Rules 8,9).


The use of clocks shall be compulsory, the time limits shall be:-

  1. 42 moves in the first 90 mins or 36 moves in the first 75 mins, if either team insists, followed by 28 moves in the next 60 mins (in both cases-Sec) At the conclusion of Black’s 70th move (or 64th move if an initial 2 1⁄2 hour playing session was played) both clocks are to be wound back 15 mins and the game is to be completed in the time remaining. OR
  2. 30 moves in the first 65 mins, after Black's 30th move both clocks are to be wound back 15 mins and the game is to be finished in the time remaining.

In the absence of agreement by the team captains before the match then (1) will apply. (Divs 1,2-Sec) However, in all matches in Division 3, or below, the time limit shall be alternative (2) above , unless both teams agree to alternative (1)


Only allowed after 36/42 moves & and the agreed session has finished. (See Rule 8a) Procedure: The player having the move MUST put his move in unambiguous notation on his score sheet, put both score sheets in the envelope, seal it & stop the clocks. The envelope is kept by the opponent. Failure to produce it on resumption will result in him forfeiting the game. An adjourned game must be finalised and the result notified to the Records Secretary within 28 days of the match being played. Any game commencing after 31st March must adhere to the 28th April deadline set by Rule 3a). (Rules 6,7,8) Venue: If one player insists on adjournment, his opponent has choice of venue. If both agree, the home player chooses. The venue may be a club room or elsewhere, if agreed. (Rules 6d, 8d) The date of resumption: The player with choice of venue shall offer at least three dates, & it must be agreed at the time of adjournment. Failure to turn up will result in the loss of the game. (Rule 8e,f)


The position must be copied on a diagram or scoresheet by each player . It must show ‘claim’/side to move/move no./if either can castle or e.p./names players/teams/bd no./date / match no./sent by. Claims must be made by each player, & forwarded to the records secretary separately to arrive within 7 days of the match being played. No position shall be sent for adjudication unless 36/42 moves have been made by each player. No money shall be sent with the positions. (Rule 9) [and keep a copy]

QUICKPLAY finishes

Claiming a draw in the last 2 mins, if no arbiter present, & no flag fallen:

  • Only allowed on basis that opponent A) can't win by *normal means, or B) making no effort to win.
  • B) requires the scoresheet to be completed before play ceases.

Action required:

  1. Make claim.
  2. Stop the clock. (This concludes the game)
  3. Follow procedure exactly.


  1. Copy final agreed position on the adjudication diagrams & complete required info in full.
  2. State basis of claim (A or B) on diagram & head the diagram 'Position occurring in the last 2 minutes of aQuickplay finish’.
  3. Each player must make a separate claim to the records secretary, exactly as for 'Adjudications' (above).
  4. Claims require, under-A) the position only,-B) both position and scoresheets, to be sent (Rules 14,9)

[*Note: ECF advice is that 'normal' does not necessarily mean 'best']