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Boldmere St Michaels
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Name: Boldmere St Michael Chess Club
Venue: Oscott Social Club & Institute, 239 Witton Lodge Rd, Birmingham B23 5LX

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Night: Wednesday
Start: 7:30pm
Secretary: M.Biddle eMail
Parking: Car park entrance is in Turfpits Lane
Facilities: Club room is upstairs


Formerly Kingstanding and Boldmere St Michael's. They have been a member since 1997.


  • Div Two champions 2006-07, 2013-14
  • Div Three champions 2004-05
  • Lightning Tournament champions (Major section) 2006-07
  • Summer League Div Two 2006

Player Statistics


Formed in 1973 as Blandford Mere (until 1976), renamed Kingstanding (until 2002) and Boldmere St Michael's (until 2019).

Notable members