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Robert Mooney 1994

Lichfield Chess Club are sad to announce the death of Bob Mooney in December 1994. I have played in the same club as Bob for about 13 years and many seasons in the same team. For Bob, the result from a game of Chess never seemed important. He would always play a good game, but he appeared just as happy to lose as win. Once the match result was known, he would often agree a draw at then end of an evening when he had a distinct advantage.

Bob suffered from many hardships in his life including health difficulties, but it was rare for him to mention them to us. Thus none of us could say we knew him well or knew of all the difficulties he encountered. Bob's marriage ended unhappily and he lived the last few years alone. I suspect he found peace in chess. We certainly found him a most reliable, gentlemanly and thoughtful companion.

As a watchsmith Bob was able to put his skills into useful service with the club's clocks. At one time he owned his own business in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham and worked exceptionally long hours.

Bob's support for Lichfield Chess Club and his quiet friendship will be greatly missed.

Brian Homewood