Rock Cup

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'Mr.Bladen proposed and Mr.Joynson seconded that an individual championship be organised this season, on knock-out lines. Mr.Rock said that he would provide a Trophy'
[8th Sept. 1949]

Season Winner Runner-up
1949-50 J.H.Baines (Walsall Kipping) NA
1950-51 H.F.Joynson (John Thompson) R.F.Duncanson (Bayliss J & B)
1951-52 W.Seniuta (Goodyear) A.Dodd (Wolverhampton Kipping)
1952-53 G.I.Carver NA
1953-54 A.Schroeder (Goodyear) H.F.Joynson (John Thompson)
1954-55 R.E.Duncanson (Bayliss J & B) R.Joynson (John Thompson)
1955-56 V.G.Jenson (Wolverhampton Kipping) H.Rawluck (Ukrainians)
1956-57 J.M.Davies (Walsall Kipping) A.Schroeder (Goodyear)
1957-58 V.G.Jenson (Wolverhampton Kipping) J.Fellows (Wolverhampton)
1958-59 D.W.Anderton (Wolverhampton Kipping) R.F.Duncanson
1959-60 D.W.Anderton (Wolverhampton Kipping) M.A.Stevenson (Wolverhampton Kipping)
1960-61 M.A.Stevenson (Wolverhampton Kipping) NA
1961-62 D.W.Anderton (Wolverhampton Kipping) NA
1962-63 A.Schroeder (Wolverhampton) NA
1963-64 M.A.Stevenson (Wolverhampton Kipping) P.Porter (Hobsons)
1964-65 M.A.Stevenson (Wolverhampton Kipping) A.Sadler (Wolverhampton Kipping)
1965-66 M.A.Stevenson (Wolverhampton Kipping) NA
1966-67 J.E.Jones (Wolverhampton Kipping) J.D.Hughes (Bushbury)
1967-68 P.Staley (Bushbury) A.Schroeder (Wolverhampton)
1968-69 R.F.Walker Mr. Blead
1969-70 P.G.Jackson (Stafford) K.Pittaway (John Thompson)
1970-71 A.C.Evans (G.K.N.) S.Chahal (Wolverhampton)
1971-72 A.Sadler (Wolverhampton Kipping) D.G.Edwards (Wolverhampton Kipping)
1972-73 A.Sadler (Wolverhampton Kipping) L.Hesbrook (Wolverhampton)
1973-74 A.Sadler (Wolverhampton Kipping) D.G.Edwards (Wolverhampton Kipping)
1974-75 A.Sadler (Wolverhampton Kipping) W.N.Clayton (Walsall Kipping)
1975-76 A.Sadler (Wolverhampton Kipping) G.Thomas
1976-77 N.Jones V.A.Jones
1977-78 J.Keene (Springvale) G.M.Wellings (John Thompson)
1978-79 G.M.Wellings (John Thompson) S.Chahal (Goodyear)
1979-80 A.Schroeder (Goodyear) G.M.Wellings (John Thompson)
1980-81 M.Wheeler (Burntwood) D.A.Burgoyne (Cannock)
1981-82 M.Sampson (Dudley) C.P.Hibbard (Lichfield)
1982-83 G.M.Wellings (John Thompson) A.P.McCumiskey (Mercia)
1983-84 L.H.Cooper (Stafford) M.Griffiths (Wolverhampton)
1984-85 M.Sampson (Dudley) G.Buckley (Bushbury)
1985-86 G.Buckley (Bushbury) R.G.Jones (Walsall Kipping)
1986-87 P.Porter (Wolverhampton) M.Hoare (Lichfield)
1987-88 R.J.Marshall (Wolverhampton) J.Edge (Dudley)
1988-89 K.A.J.Francis (Mercia) L.Grinsell (Bushbury)
1989-90 L.Grinsell (Bushbury) J.Edge (Dudley)
1990-91 M.Groombridge (Walsall Kipping) W.Withnall (Walsall Kipping)
1991-92 L.Grinsell (Bushbury) K.Thompson (Lichfield)
1992-93 C.P.Hibbard (Lichfield) M.May (Goodyear)
1993-94 W.Hulley (Rugeley) M.Groombridge (Walsall Kipping)
1994-95 L.Grinsell (Bushbury) C.P.Hibbard (Lichfield)
1995-96 L.Collier (Lucas & B.S) M.May (Goodyear)
1996-97 A.Powis (Rushall) S.Wilcox (Rushall)
1997-98 L.Collier (Lucas & B.S) A.Powis (Rushall)
1998-99 L.Collier (Lucas & B.S) M.Groombridge (Walsall Kipping)
99-2000 L.Collier (Lucas & B.S) M.Wooton (Wolverhampton)
2000-01 W.Hulley (Rugeley) L.Collier (Lucas & BS)
2001-02 L.Collier (Lucas & BS) W.Hulley (Rugeley)
2002-03 C.Wilcox (Rushall) R.Westwood (St. Marys)
2003-04 R.Westwood (Rushall) L.Collier (Lucas & BS)
2004-05 L.Collier (Birmingham Settlement) R.Westwood (Rushall)
2005-06 L.Collier (Birmingham Settlement) P.Staley (Bushbury)
2006-07 L.Collier (St Georges) & A.D.Wilson (Boldmere St Michaels) {Joint winners}
2007-08 L.Collier (St Georges) & P.Leary (Rushall) {Joint winners}
2008-09 D.W.Anderton (Walsall Kipping) L.Collier (St Georges)
2009-10 M.Groombridge (Walsall Kipping) B.French (Boldmere St Michaels)
2010-11 D.Pritchard (Walsall Kipping) & D.Wightman (Wolverhampton) {Joint winners}
2011-12 R.J.Marshall (Wolverhampton) F.Wood (Wolverhampton)
2012-13 R.J.Marshall (Wolverhampton) M.Groombridge (Walsall Kipping)
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