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Andrew P. Davies 1960-2020

Sadly I have to announce to you all the passing of one of Staffordshire Chess’s most loyal stalwarts – Andrew Davies.

Andrew P. Davies was born in March 1960 at New Cross Hospital, which was one of the two main hospitals in Wolverhampton at the time. He was the youngest of a family of six. For many years he suffered with his health and with physical problems and pain related to the debilitating disease HSP from which he suffered. His determination and considerable intelligence made him able to live what most people would call a successful life where he could indulge his love of chess and his enthusiasm for mathematics. I also discovered a few years ago that he had a fascination with the history of the different waves of invasion of these islands by various British tribes in the last millennium before the Christian era. He lived in the somewhat forlorn hope of one day linking his own family history to some of these events.

His first venture into chess organisation was in 1995 when he became the secretary of Brewood Chess circle. In more recent years, he branched out into other areas of chess, qualifying as a junior coach and as an arbiter. In both of these spheres he became very active, coaching many junior players in clubs in the southern part of the county and later became the manager of coaches for the ECF. He was also the webmaster for Junior chess organisations – both for the Staffordshire Junior Chess Association and for EPSCA – as well as being the Director of Junior Chess for the MCCU.

For several years, he also served as the General Secretary of the Staffordshire Chess Association.

Andrew’s life was troubled but he always seemed pleasant and agreeable. He had one self-confessed addiction – he loved to have a mug of Earl Grey tea and an almond crescent and no day began well for him without them!

We are very sad to have lost a personal friend and a major force in Staffordshire Chess.

Robert Milner, President of the Staffordshire Chess Association.

Traci Whitfield, Secretary for Junior Chess.