Humphreys Trophy

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'That an additional Knockout Competition for Clubs be introduced for teams of 4; all players graded below 110; but no handicap...' [24th May 2005]

'That the Secretary be authorized to purchase a suitable trophy...named 'The Humphreys Trophy' [16th May 2006]

WDCL Humphreys
Season Winner Runner-up
KO format
2005-06 Halesowen Stourbridge
2006-07 Halesowen Bushbury
2007-08 Stourbridge Rushall
2008-09 Rushall Walsall Kipping
2009-10* Brewood Walsall Kipping
2010-11 Wolverhampton Warley Quinborne
2011-12 Halesowen Stourbridge
2012-13 Rushall Warley Quinborne
2013-14 Walsall Kipping Stourbridge
2014-15 Stourbridge Halesowen
2015-16 Stourbridge Brewood
2016-17 Stourbridge Brewood
2017-18 Wolverhampton Walsall Kipping
2018-19 Wolverhampton Stourbridge
2019-20 Competition cancelled
2020-21 Competition cancelled
Jamboree format
2021-22 Lichfield Mercia & Wolverhampton
2022-23 Lichfield Mercia & Wolverhampton
2023-24 Mercia Lichfield

* Grade limit raised to U-1675 (U-130), for this and subsequent years.