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Peter N. Porter 1967

It is with deep sorrow that I learned of the sudden death on the 16th November, 1967, at the Royal Hospital, Wolverhampton. He was a member of the Wolverhampton and District Chess League for many years. He was a keen player for his club John Thompson and I had the pleasure of playing against him on more than one occasion. It was always a privilege to be in his company. His greatest asset at the chess board was his coolness and sporting attitude in any situation.

Peter did not join John Thompson Chess Club this season as he spent most of his time helping his daughter Gillian, to become a competitive swimmer. We spent many hours together at the side of the swimming baths and he always wanted to know what was happening in the league. I remember how pleased he was when M.A.Stevenson defeated M.J.Basman in the British Championships at Oxford this year, and he remarked "I do miss the board".

I heard about his illness in the autumn and some time later I received a letter from him telling me that he was feeling fine and had returned home from Hospital.

Peter Porter will be missed by all the Wolverhampton and District Chess League Officials, his Club colleagues and everyone connected with chess in Wolverhampton.

Leo Armstrong