Player Card - Evans, S

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Season Team Grade Pld Won Drw Lst ø Opp ø Perf Diff
1994/95Lichfield1456312 1401483  
1989/90Lichfield1459324 145139-6  

Team matches
Ref Opponent Team Res Clr Match Brd Date
105641EAllen, Ralph MA 165Lichfield ALW106501 Oct
-Default Telford-115501 Oct
120284EThomas, Paul 134KidderminsterWW120401 Dec
111339CGogerty, Ray T 109GEC Stafford AWB123501 Dec
113703HJohnson, Maurice W 154Walsall Kipping A½W140301 Apr
104744KSmith, M 118West Bromwich BWW144401 Apr
116756LParry, Richard CT 157Bushbury ALB149501 Apr
Team matches
Ref Opponent Team Res Clr Match Brd Date
109979GDurnell, PGC 149KidderminsterWW102401 Oct
105641EAllen, Ralph MA 173Lichfield ALB103501 Oct
109355BDavies, Dave M 147West Bromwich A½W115401 Nov
112760DHoare, Michael WA 136Lichfield CLW116501 Nov
110373JEvers, F A 140Stourbridge AWW125501 Dec
128836CDavison, AL 141GEC Stafford ALB134401 Feb
119572EStaley, Phil F 134Bushbury BWW137501 Feb
111759CGrinsell, Lee A 156JBushbury ALB140501 Feb
114279DLees, E W 142Walsall Kipping AW143401 Mar
115814EMorris, G 129JStourbridge A½W145401 Mar

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