Player Card - Sanders, Gordon W

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Season Team Grade Pld Won Drw Lst ø Opp ø Perf Diff
2004/05Rushall8010415 979010  
2003/04Rushall856024 8147-38  

Team matches
Ref Opponent Team Res Clr Match Brd Date
119187BSmith, Barry R (Sec) 100Mercia A½W137501 Apr
185108BFenby, John A (Capt) 101Brewood AWB214401 Dec
114197BLeadbetter, Andrew T (Sec) 135Stafford ALB252501 Apr
118546KSavin, Mike W 95Walsall Kipping CLW311401 Oct
153509CBrownsword, Andrew 75Mercia BWB317201 Dec
252870JYung, Pakle 68Wolverhampton CLW320301 Dec
171035HAllan, Peter J 99Brewood BWW321201 Dec
106714LBiddle, Mike A (Capt/Sec) 128Boldmere St MichaelsLB322201 Feb
113908DJones, Simon A 95Bushbury BLW330201 Feb
210236FHayes, Lance 77Walsall Kipping DWW333401 Feb
Team matches
Ref Opponent Team Res Clr Match Brd Date
241592GMarlow, Ben 78Wolverhampton BLB255501 Apr
192072JBranford, Roy 106Stourbridge B½W311401 Oct
230972FBateson, Christopher 72Mercia BLB314301 Dec
114351HLewis, Barry 66Wolverhampton C½B320301 Dec
172043ABrelsforth, Dave 113Boldmere St MichaelsLW325201 Feb
221484CPallant, Sam 49Mercia CLB337401 Mar

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