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Year President or Chairman* Secretary Treasurer Records Secretary
1945 H.J.Owen (Wolverhampton Kipping) K.S.Rock A.Jacques -
1945-46 H.J.Owen (Wolverhampton Kipping) K.S.Rock A.Jacques/W.C.Smith J.H.Baines
1946-47 W.C.Smith (Marston Excelsior) K.S.Rock H.O.Bidgood J.H.Baines
1947-48 F.H.Harper (Cannock) K.S.Rock H.O.Bidgood J.H.Baines
1948-49 C.Gilmore (Stafford) K.S.Rock H.O.Bidgood R.V.Maylott
1949-50 P.Guest (Tipton) K.S.Rock H.O.Bidgood R.V.Maylott
1950-51 B.Rooney (Goodyear) K.S.Rock H.O.Bidgood R.V.Maylott
1951-52 R.L.Dunton (John Thompson) K.S.Rock H.O.Bidgood R.V.Maylott
1952-53 K.Townsend (Boulton Paul) K.S.Rock H.O.Bidgood R.V.Maylott
1953-54 R.E.F.Duncanson (Bayliss J & B) K.S.Rock H.O.Bidgood R.V.Maylott
1954-55 H.J.Owen (Wolverhampton Kipping) K.S.Rock H.O.Bidgood R.V.Maylott
1955-56 T.J.Hollington (Walsall Kipping) K.S.Rock H.O.Bidgood R.V.Maylott
1956-57 J.Holt (Wolverhampton) K.S.Rock H.O.Bidgood R.E.F.Duncanson
1957-58 F.Thompson (Goodyear) K.S.Rock H.O.Bidgood R.E.F.Duncanson
1958-59 B.J.Wilkinson (Hobsons) K.S.Rock H.O.Bidgood R.E.F.Duncanson
1959-60 W.L.Bennett (Woden Works) K.S.Rock H.O.Bidgood R.E.F.Duncanson
1960-61 G.Hinchcliffe (Tipton Alexandra) K.Pittaway H.O.Bidgood R.E.F.Duncanson
1961-62 P.S.Walkins (Rubery Owen) K.Pittaway H.O.Bidgood R.E.F.Duncanson
1962-63 T.R.D.Grove (Dudley) K.Pittaway H.O.Bidgood R.E.F.Duncanson
1963-64 B.R.Smith (Wolverhampton Kipping) K.Pittaway R.F.Briscoe R.E.F.Duncanson
1964-65 P.Staley (Bushbury) K.Pittaway R.F.Briscoe R.E.F.Duncanson
1965-66 J.H.Baines (Walsall Kipping) K.Pittaway R.F.Briscoe L.Armstrong
1966-67 J.H.Baines (Walsall Kipping) K.Pittaway R.F.Briscoe L.Armstrong
1967-68 D.W.Anderton (Wolverhampton Kipping) K.Pittaway R.F.Briscoe L.Armstrong
1968-69 D.W.Anderton (Wolverhampton Kipping) K.Pittaway R.F.Briscoe J.H.Charles
1969-70 P.G.Jackson (Stafford) K.Pittaway R.F.Briscoe J.H.Charles
1970-71 P.G.Jackson (Stafford) K.Pittaway R.F.Briscoe J.H.Charles
1971-72 K.G.Humphreys (Wolverhampton Kipping) K.Pittaway R.Rowe J.H.Charles
1972-73 K.G.Humphreys (Wolverhampton Kipping) K.Pittaway J.V.Bargery H.Terry
1973-74 J.H.Charles (Springvale) K.Pittaway J.V.Bargery H.Terry
1974-75 J.H.Charles (Springvale) K.Pittaway J.V.Bargery H.Terry
1975-76 A.Stern (Telford) K.Pittaway J.V.Bargery H.Terry
1976-77 A.Stern (Telford) K.Pittaway J.V.Bargery K.G.Humphreys
1977-78 G.T.Parkes (Kingswinford) K.Pittaway J.V.Bargery K.G.Humphreys
1978-79 G.T.Parkes (Kingswinford) K.Pittaway J.V.Bargery K.G.Humphreys
1979-80 A.T.Leadbetter (Stafford) K.Pittaway J.V.Bargery K.G.Humphreys
1980-81 A.T.Leadbetter (Stafford) P.S.Walkins J.V.Bargery K.G.Humphreys
1981-82 J.H.Baines (Walsall Kipping) K.Pittaway P.S.Walkins K.G.Humphreys
1982-83 J.H.Baines (Walsall Kipping) K.Pittaway K.Pittaway K.G.Humphreys
1983-84 A.T.Leadbetter (Stafford) K.Pittaway K.Pittaway K.G.Humphreys
1984-85 A.T.Leadbetter (Stafford) B.Marshall R.Wheeler K.G.Humphreys
1985-86 A.E.Tipton (Brewood) B.Marshall R.Wheeler K.G.Humphreys
1986-87 A.E.Tipton (Brewood) B.Marshall R.Wheeler K.G.Humphreys
1987-88 S.R.Wilcox (Rushall) B.Marshall R.Wheeler K.G.Humphreys
1988-89 S.R.Wilcox (Rushall) B.Marshall R.Wheeler K.G.Humphreys
1989-90 P.R.Eastwood (Wolverhampton) S.R.Wilcox R.Wheeler K.G.Humphreys
1990-91 P.R.Eastwood (Wolverhampton) S.R.Wilcox M.W.A.Hoare K.G.Humphreys
1991-92 J.A.Crump (West Bromwich) S.R.Wilcox M.W.A.Hoare K.G.Humphreys
1992-93 J.A.Crump (West Bromwich) S.R.Wilcox M.W.A.Hoare K.G.Humphreys
1993-94 P.Staley (Bushbury) S.R.Wilcox R.G.Thompson K.G.Humphreys
1994-95 P.Staley (Bushbury) S.R.Wilcox R.G.Thompson K.G.Humphreys
1995-96 M.May (Goodyear) S.R.Wilcox R.G.Thompson K.G.Humphreys
1996-97 M.May (Goodyear) S.R.Wilcox R.G.Thompson K.G.Humphreys
1997-98 K.R.Grainger (Penkridge) S.R.Wilcox R.G.Thompson K.G.Humphreys
1998-99 K.R.Grainger (Penkridge) M.Groombridge R.G.Thompson K.G.Humphreys
1999-00 R.G.Thompson (Telford) M.Groombridge R.G.Thompson K.G.Humphreys
2000-01 R.G.Thompson (Telford) M.Groombridge R.G.Thompson K.G.Humphreys
2001-02 D.Buckley (Brewood) M.Groombridge R.G.Thompson K.G.Humphreys
2002-03 D.Buckley (Brewood) M.Groombridge R.G.Thompson K.G.Humphreys
2003-04 K.G.Humphreys (Stourbridge) M.Groombridge R.G.Thompson P.J.Allan
2004-05 K.G.Humphreys (Stourbridge) M.Groombridge R.G.Thompson P.J.Allan
2005-06 D.W.Perks (Mercia) M.Groombridge R.G.Thompson P.J.Allan/D.Laight
2006-07 D.W.Perks (Mercia) M.Groombridge R.G.Thompson D.Laight
2007-08 F.Wood (Wolverhampton) M.Groombridge R.G.Thompson D.Laight
2008-09 F.Wood (Wolverhampton) M.Groombridge R.G.Thompson D.Laight
2009-10 S.R.Wilcox (Rushall) M.Groombridge R.G.Thompson D.Laight
2010-11 S.R.Wilcox (Rushall) M.Groombridge R.G.Thompson D.Laight
2011-12 D.Scriven (Stourbridge) M.Groombridge R.G.Thompson D.Laight
2012-13 D.Scriven (Stourbridge) M.Groombridge P.Sharratt D.Laight
2013-14 C.Hiley (Rugeley) M.Groombridge P.Sharratt D.Scriven
2014-15 C.Hiley (Rugeley) M.Groombridge P.Sharratt D.Scriven
2015-16 D.Fone (Lichfield) M.Groombridge P.Sharratt D.Scriven
2016-17 D.Fone (Lichfield) M.Groombridge P.Sharratt D.Scriven
2017-18 M.Carr (Rugeley) D.Fone P.Sharratt D.Scriven

Note: 1.The person holding the premier post was known as the Chairman from 1945-73, but from 1973-74 onwards has been officially called the President. 2.The deputy to the Chairman was not named in the minutes until 1984-85. However, from 1948-49 the retiring Chairman was designated as Deputy Chairman. From 1985-86 the post was retitled the Vice-President, and it has largely remained so, despite the Constitution of 1993 stating that this official should be called Deputy President. In 1988-89, the league decided that the President should spend the two years prior to the Presidency holding the position of Deputy.


Year Tournament Secretary Publicity Officer Bulletin Editor
1963-64 H.O.Bidgood* - -
1964-65 H.O.Bidgood - -
1965-66 K.A.J.Francis** M.A.Stephenson? L.Armstrong
1966-67 K.A.J.Francis D.W.Anderton L.Armstrong?
1967-68 K.A.J.Francis A.J.Butcher L.Armstrong?
1968-69 K.A.J.Francis D.W.Anderton NA
1969-70 G.Stokes-Roberts D.W.Anderton {Joint Bulletin with N Staffs}
1970-71 G.Stokes-Roberts D.W.Anderton {Passed to Staffs County}
1971-72 K.G.Humphreys D.W.Anderton NA
1972-73 K.G.Humphreys D.W.Anderton NA
1973-74 K.G.Humphreys D.W.Anderton NA
1974-75 K.G.Humphreys J.H.Charles NA
1975-76 K.G.Humphreys J.H.Charles NA
1976-77 K.G.Humphreys J.H.Charles NA
1977-78 K.G.Humphreys P.Staley R.P.Partridge
1978-79 K.G.Humphreys P.S.Walkins K.Pittaway & K.A.J.Francis
1979-80 K.G.Humphreys T.R.D.Groves K.A.J.Francis
1980-81 K.G.Humphreys B.R.Smith K.A.J.Francis
1981-82 K.G.Humphreys B.R.Smith D.Fellows
1982-83 K.G.Humphreys B.R.Smith D.Fellows
1983-84 B.R.Smith B.R.Smith F.L.Tatler
1984-85 D.Burgoyne B.R.Smith D.Buckley
1985-86 D.Burgoyne D.Buckley D.Buckley
1986-87 D.Buckley D.Buckley D.Buckley
1987-88 D.Buckley D.Buckley D.Buckley
1988-89 D.Buckley D.Buckley D.Buckley
1989-90 D.Buckley R.Grainger K.G.Humphreys
1990-91 D.Buckley R.Grainger K.G.Humphreys
1991-92 D.Buckley R.W.Fletcher K.G.Humphreys
1992-93 D.Buckley R.W.Fletcher K.G.Humphreys
1993-94 D.Buckley R.W.Fletcher K.G.Humphreys
1994-95 D.Buckley R.W.Fletcher K.G.Humphreys
1995-96 J.A.Crump R.W.Fletcher K.G.Humphreys
1996-97 J.A.Crump R.W.Fletcher K.G.Humphreys
1997-98 J.A.Crump R.Dolan K.G.Humphreys
1998-99 J.A.Crump R.Dolan K.G.Humphreys
1999-00 J.A.Crump R.Dolan K.G.Humphreys
2000-01 J.A.Crump R.Dolan K.G.Humphreys
2001-02 J.A.Crump R.Dolan K.G.Humphreys
2002-03 J.A.Crump R.Dolan K.G.Humphreys
2003-04 J.A.Crump R.Dolan M.Savin
2004-05 J.A.Crump R.Dolan M.Savin
2005-06 J.A.Crump/K.G.Humphreys R.Dolan M.Savin
2006-07 K.G.Humphreys R.Dolan M.Savin
2007-08 K.G.Humphreys - M.Savin
2008-09 K.G.Humphreys D.S.Short$ M.Savin
2009-10 K.G.Humphreys D.S.Short$ M.Savin
2010-11 K.G.Humphreys D.S.Short$ M.Savin
2011-12 K.G.Humphreys / D.Scriven D.S.Short$ M.Savin
2012-13 F.Wood D.S.Short$ M.Savin
2013-14 F.Wood D.S.Short$ -
2014-15 F.Wood D.S.Short$ -
2015-16 F.Wood D.S.Short$ -
2016-17 F.Wood D.S.Short$ -
2017-18 D.Perks D.S.Short$ -

* There was no official Publicity Officer until 1963-64. Prior to this, from 1956/7-1962/3, H O Bidgood was responsible for 'Press reports'
** Known as the Competition Secretary in 1965-66
*** Bulletins (and the editor) were phased out in 2012 and an electronic version produced in 2014
$ Publicity Consultant only


Year Webmaster
1999-2011 M.Rees
2011-2013 A.P.McCumiskey & P.Walters
2013- A.P.McCumiskey
Year Staffs Representatives (redundant from 2017)
2005-2016 D.W.Perks
2016 D.Fone
Year ECF Representative
1991- A.T.Leadbetter
Year Grading Officer (Staff County)
1989-2011 A.T.Leadbetter
2011-2012 S.Pedder
2012-2013 D.Scriven
2014- M.Carr


In 1968-69, the WDCL entered a team into the Midland Weekend League. Although this team only seems to have played for two seasons, a League Team Captain was required for the first time. Since then the League has played infrequent matches, but has generally retained a Captain:-

Year Captain
1968-70 J.H.Baines
1977-78 D.G.Edwards
1979-80 G.Stokes-Roberts & B.R.Smith
1980-82 B.R.Smith
1982-86 D.Burgoyne
1986-90 R.J.Marshall
90-2008 D.Buckley


Year Auditor
1966-72 J.V.Bargery & D.Guest
1972-80 D.Guest
1980-82 D.Guest & R.G.Thompson
1982-83 K.Thompson & R.Wheeler
1983-84 R.Wheeler
84-2001 K.Pittaway
2001- D.W.Perks