Alan Shrimpton Obituary


It is with much sadness that I have to report that Alan Shrimpton, a member for many years of Walsall Kipping Chess Club, died last weekend, after a sustained period of health problems. 

Alan was the oldest and longest serving member of the club, and joined it in the 60’s. His first recorded game for Walsall, in fact, was in the 1967-68 season of the Wolverhampton League. From then to 1974-75 he was the Captain of the club’s second team, which for six years was in Div. 1. Since then he played continuously in teams in all the local leagues. 

Alan was a steadfast supporter of all club activities and an active player at club evenings. He was always generous and cheerful, and regarded with affection by all who played with him, both young and old. One tribute to him, among many, sums him up well-‘a lovely man…magnanimous in defeat and gracious in victory, but a ferocious defender of his Chess rights…an old-fashioned gentleman…’

Much more has been said, showing how much he will be missed.

Mike Groombridge (Sec-WsK)