4NCL and Arbiters

The 7th 4NCL Congress will take place at the Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport on the weekend of 29th January – 31st January. It has three sections: Open, U2000 FIDE/U175 ECF and U135. The top two sections are FIDE-rated. The prize fund is £2,250. More information can be found here. To enter, you can do so online or download the online entry form. Both are available online.

A FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar will take place at the venue, alongside the Congress. The entry fee is £60 (£50 for hotel residents), and candidates who achieve 80% or more in the exam will earn a FIDE Arbiter norm, as well as being a Level 1 ECF Arbiter. Information and online entry to the Seminar can be found here:

Enquiries about the Seminar should be made to Alex Holowczak here.

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