ECF Arbiter Seminar

The Birmingham League and Warwickshire Chess Association is looking to expand the number of tournaments that they organise, in response to rising demand from players to play in tournaments.

The details are:
– Minimum expected knowledge: How the chess pieces move
– BDCL organises 3 rapidplay tournaments per year, and WCA organises 6 junior tournaments per year and 3 “open” tournaments per year, which may increase due to rising demand
– No obligation to help at every single tournament
– You would normally arrive 1-2 hours before the start of the tournament to set up equipment, and help with packing up at the end.
– Work as an arbiter at the tournament
– Payment of £50 per day for the tournament
– Added to the national list of qualified arbiters; other tournament organisers may invite you too in due course!
– If you are interested, please register for this Seminar; and then attend the course and pass the exam at the end: Link

If you are interested in helping to expand chess playing opportunities in your local area, it would be really great if you could take part!

Posted on behalf of Alex Holowczak