Financing Chess in Staffordshire

Friends Of Staffordshire Chess
The Staffordshire Chess Association, like all voluntary organisations, finds
it more and more difficult every year to raise the money that they need to support their
activities, such as running County teams, supporting junior chess in the County,
running the County Cups and the County Congress.
We are, therefore, inviting people to help support the County by making an individual
contribution of £25 to become a Friend Of Staffordshire Chess.
We are running a budget deficit this coming 2017/2018 season and this is not
sustainable in the long term. If the County is to continue to support and enhance our
current activities then we need help in raising the money to finance them.
If you would like to become a Friend Of Staffordshire Chess then please send your donation to Andrew Leadbetter, the County Treasurer or use the link