Staffs County Teams

At the Staffs AGM this week it was decided to run an U160 team, in place of the previous U140 team, during the 2015-6 season. This should provide a greater pool of players to draw upon. However, a Captain is needed for the team. It has been suggested that this job be shared between North & South Staffs, each providing 8 players per match. Steve Emmerton ( N Staffs) is prepared to share the job with someone from the South of the County, (WDCL or CDCL) provided that both find 8 players each per match. So far no-one has been found to do this.

If anyone, probably an U160 player, is prepared to take this role on, would they please contact Steve. Unless someone is found the U160 team will not function.

Also, a Captain of the first team still needs to be found to replace David Anderton who has stepped down.

Posted on behalf of Mike Groombridge (Hon General Secretary)