Wolverhampton Xmas Blitz 6th Dec

Wolverhampton Chess Club are trialing a new venue due to doubts about the longevity of their current venue. 

We will be holding a Xmas Blitz event on the 5th Dec @ 7:30pm. Everyone’s welcome to join.  

Any queries, email: 


Venue; Forty Four Club, Spring Rd, Wolverhampton, WV4 6LQ 

Posted on behalf of

Phil Bull

Details below:-

7 round swiss blitz

Entry Fee:

£2.50 /player
£1 for Juniors


1st Prize: 35%
2nd Prize: 25%
Grading Bracket 1: 10%
Grading Bracket 2: 10%
Grading Bracket 3: 10%
Grading Bracket 4: 10%

Grading bracket 1 will be up to the lowest 1/5 of participating players. Grading bracket 2 will be up to 2/5. Grading bracket 3 up to 3/5. Grading bracket 4 up to 4/5.

Time Controls:

A handicap system will be employed.

2350+      (1.5 min)
2200-2349 (2.5 min)
2050-2199 (3 min)
1900-2049 (4 min)
1750-1899 (5 min)
1600-1749 (6 min)
1450-1599 (7min)
1450 and below (8min)

Grades will be determined using the November grading list and blitz/rapidplay grades will be used wherever possible although provisional “p” grades will be ignored.


All standard blitz rules will apply with the following exception, on the first 2 occasions if one player makes an illegal move, the opponent may stop the clocks and claim 2 minutes. On the 3rd occasion that player loses the game.